Good business for good health


In developing countries the majority of pharmaceutical procurement is accomplished by public tenders. Pharmadrug International, with its rich experience in public tenders, offers its services to the manufacturers to market their products in public tenders.

Private markets:

Along with supplying the public tender markets, Pharmadrug International distributes the products in private markets as well, with their established network of agents in numerous territories. In private markets the marketing of the products is supported as a distributor or by in-licensing the potential products by having a sustainable cooperation agreements.

Sourcing or whole sale.

As an authorized wholesaler of pharmaceutical and controlled substances Pharmadrug International source the products from approved manufacturers as per customer requirements. The products sourced by us are manufactured under strict GMP regulations and approved by the most of the stringent regulatory agencies. The products supplied are freshly manufactured and possess a maximum shelf life at the time of delivery.

“Pharmadrug International with its diverse spectrum of business initiatives and to establish a solid foot print in the pharmaceutical market focuses on in-licensing of the potential products for Middle East and African markets. To further expand the business into new markets actively looking for the distributors from around world by promoting the joint ventures with the contract manufacturers and the distribution partners.”