Pharmadrug Production GmbH:

37 years serving health globally with a diverse product portfolio of pharmaceuticals, medical care, disinfection and water treatment.

Established in 1982, Pharmadrug Production GmbH is a German EU-GMP-approved generic pharmaceutical manufacturer specialized in supplying finished dosage forms (FDFs), active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other healthcare products. Pharmadrug has been successful in making medicines affordable and accessible even to the small patient groups. Along with the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, our group is also specialized in trading pharmaceuticals and medical care products. Inspired by the ancient health principle of “prevention is better than a cure”. Pharmadrug provides disinfection and water purification products through SeptiChem.



We offer

The best quality products

with EU-GMP standards
We understand the value of a quality medicinal product to a patient. Approved as a manufacturer by European authorities we offer the best quality products with the highest regulatory standards.

Broad portfolio

FDFs, APIs, consumables and disinfectants
Serving various segments of healthcare by distributing pharmaceuticals (FDFs, APIs), medical consumables, disinfectants and water purification.

Medical Cannabis

Authorized medicinal cannabis distributor
With decades of wholesaling experience with medicinal products, we are committed to supply only GMP qualified level of medicinal cannabis to our customers.

International Tenders

purchase, sales and distribution
We operate at an international level, possessing the expertise to be an exclusive platform between buyer and manufacturer. As an active supplier to the various MoH in Middle East and in African countries, our support to be extended to manufacturers who are willing to bid their products in Tenders. Providing the right medicine at the right time with an affordable price has become our successful practice.

Wholesale / sourcing

according to customer needs through our global network
As an authorized wholesaler we offer more than 1000 therapeutic classes of products including narcotics, which are produced on demand with the maximum shelf life. In addition we source the products from approved manufacturers from Europe and from around the world.


focused, reliable and responsible
Well-established as a German mid-size company, we strive to adhere to our values and standards and, subsequently to customer satisfaction and sustainable relationships – as expected from a German supplier.