Disinfectant and water purification

Most infections are eradicated by cleaning, sanitization and disinfection. To make the environment a better place to live we manufacture disinfectants in our dedicated facility called SeptiChem. SeptiChem is purely devoted to the manufacture of the most effective disinfectants as per customer requirements.

With its expertise in manufacturing disinfectants, SeptiChem also produces water purification tablets and liquids in flexible and customized volumes. The tabs for water purification are very effective and easy to use. The effervescent tablets will dissolve quickly in water, making the water useful for consumption and eliminating diseases caused by water contamination.

The SeptiChem product portfolio includes

  • Disinfectants
  • Surface disinfectants
  • Water purification
For detailed information about our current product offer, please contact Mr. Haggag!